How will I be alerted about jobs?

We do the majority of our job alerts through email. All you need to do (once you have created your online profile) is check your email inbox (we send alerts to both your primary and back-up email addresses) for our job alert emails. If your email address changes, make sure to update that on your profile!

A typical client staffing call goes as follows:

  1. A client requests staff fitting certain criteria that can work in a specified city.
  2. We pull a staff selection from our members who fit the booking criteria and list the specified city as their home city or one of their local travel cities (for this reason, you should always list the top 6 closest major travel cities on your profile).
  3. We send an email alert to all members in the staff selection.
  4. We book the staff who promptly respond to the job alert (make sure to read the alert email completely and submit your application as directed) and best fit the specified staff criteria, or those staff members that the client directs us to book (if the client chooses to do the staff picking).