Am I missing Job Alerts?

If you are not receiving job alerts, there are two general reasons for this:

1. Our Job Alerts are going to your Junk/Spam folder. All email providers continually change their mail filtering process in attempts to fight unsolicited email, and (due to the nature of our job alerts) our mail periodically gets caught by these filters. You can prevent this from happening by adding to your email provider's whitelist of approved senders. Whitelisting Kandu should guarantee our job alerts always get routed to your inbox. Check with your email provider for specific instructions on adding us to your list of approved email senders.

2. There are no Jobs in your Area. Promotions happen just about everywhere; just not in equal amounts, and not all the time. You may get several alerts from us in a short amount of time and then not hear from us for an extended period, where our jobs happen is just out of our control. Rest assured, we will contact you when there are jobs in your area, just be sure to add us to your list of approved email senders and respond promptly when you receive a job alert!