I think my check is lost!

Checks are sent using the US mail. Once a check is released, we have no way to track its status or confirm that it has reached its destination. If you have not received your check, your first step should always be to contact your booker (the Kandu rep who booked you for the event), and tell them you think the check is missing/lost in the mail. Your frustration is understandable, but letting yourself get this point is your own doing. We cannot fix an issue unless we first know there is a problem.

Canceling the lost check and releasing a new one is a simple process. Please confirm that the address below is your full & exact address (this is the address your first check was mailed to).

If the above address is not correct, email us the correct address (and be sure to update your address on your online profile). If it is correct, just send us a quick email confirming that fact. A new check will be released and in the mail to you on Monday.