Why won't my Resume open online, why is there a question mark icon on the file?

Certain types of files will not open directly from your online profile. You may see a question mark (?) as the file icon, this just means that the system will not be able to open the file directly from your profile, it does not mean the file uploaded incorrectly.

For example, there is a known issue with the latest versions of Word (2007) documents (.docx) and the system. You will see the question mark icon when you upload .docx documents. Your resume is still intact and viewable, it just needs to be downloaded and the file extension changed to be viewed. Previous versions of Word files (.doc) do not have this issue.

If you want your resume to be readily open-able/viewable from your profile, we recommend uploading documents in the following file formats: .doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf