What are Travel Cities

Travel Cities are cities within a reasonable driving distance of your current residence (0-4 hours), or cities you are often in (if you are a frequent traveler or student). If you need to be flown to a city, it's not a travel city. Promo work rarely involves flights, and even more rarely are clients willing to cover the cost of those flights. So, for example, if you live in the middle of the country please do not list New York, Los Angeles, or Miami as a travel city, you will not be booked for jobs that will pay to get you there. Your chances of booking promo jobs are much better by listing all the major cities around you that you are willing to drive to for work.

You will also receive job alerts for the city you reside in (the address you list on your profile). You do not need to also list that city as a travel city. You should always use the address you want your payments mailed to on your profile. If you move often, just be sure to update your address on your profile whenever you are actively booking jobs with us.

Your address city plus the five (5) travel cities gives you a total of six (6) cities you can list on your profile that you receive job alerts for. When we are booking staff, we use these cities to determine which staff to send our job alerts to. Increase your job alerts by taking the time list (and spell correctly!!!) all the larger cities in your area.