Uploading Problems - Fatal Error Messages

Most uploading issues occur because the file you are attempting to upload is too large. Today's digital cameras produce files that are well over 1 megabyte in size; large files cause two main problems:

  1. Depending on your internet connection speed, large files can take several minutes to upload. Slow uploading can cause your browser to time-out, connection disruptions, or our website to drop the connection.
  2. If the width/height dimensions of your photo are too large, our processing script will attempt to resize them. Resizing large photos is very taxing on our servers, often causing a Fatal Error message (because there is not enough available processing power).

Sometimes you can get around these issues by attempting the upload several times. You can avoid these issues by resizing your photos before you upload them. There are many free online photo resizing sites or downloadable programs, just do an internet search using terms like "photo resizing" or "digital photo resizer" using your favorite search engine. Make sure the program you decide on is free to use!

When resizing your photos, try to reduce the file size to less than 1 megabyte with a maximum width or height of 800 pixels.

If you are uploading photos in a format other than jpeg/jpg, you may want to convert the images to a jpeg. We do accept other file types, but they do not always resize properly and are generally much larger in file size.