EM Jobs: Tour Managers, Event Managers, & CDL Drivers

A pool of former and current managers contribute heavily to our content and direction. They all recognize and repeatedly remind us of the job hurdles a tour manager faces when searching for new promotional marketing tour manager jobs or market-based promotional manager jobs. You may be the best field manager going (even with a Commercial Driver's License) but, without numerous connections at event marketing companies or brand contacts, your next marketing job is limited by who knows you and who you know.

Finding a Marketing Job is usually harder than the Job itself

We know your struggle, we feel your pain. Account executives at most marketing companies are as stymied as you. Their choices of event managers are limited to who they know, what staffing agencies they work with, and whichever tour manager their colleagues might recommend.

Event Manager Database Requirements

Below is the list of simple requirements that all tour and market managers must meet to submit to our database. Once information is successfully entered, clients and event marketing companies will freely be able to view your profile based upon the search criteria they choose. If you do not meet all of the manager criteria, please feel free to submit yourself to our promotional staff database until you have met all the requirements. We do this to ensure the quality of our database and, so that companies searching for event management can be confident in the level of experience of any manager in our database.

  • at least 1 marketing program (3 months or longer) or 6+ promotions as staff
  • an event marketing resume detailing skills, experience, tours, etc.,
  • 2 or more job references (preferably in marketing or sales)
  • you must be prepared to describe any past management positions IN DETAIL with prospective employers

If you meet the above requirements and actively look to find event manager jobs at times, please proceed to our manager application, where you will create your updatable profile and enter your current information into our database. Here is a completed example manager profile. If you have any questions, please read our Privacy Policy. Your event marketing management resume must also be submitted at this time to the database; without a resume, your application will not be processed.