Into Promotional Modeling? looking for Promo Jobs?

We hire Models & Staff for Promotions and Events. Promo models get the chance to make great money while working jobs at exciting music concerts, sporting events, seasonal festivals, and local retail spots. Promotional modeling does not involve fashion modeling, print modeling, or acting in any traditional sense but, many professional models and actors work promotions and events because of the fun jobs and great pay.

Who can be a Promotional Model?

You can be a college student, a motivated individual looking for some side cash, or just about anyone who has the right attitude and outlook. All we require our promotional staff to be is outgoing, exciting, and energetic. So, if you are a good-looking guy or girl between the ages of 17-40 (the majority of work calls for people under the age of 30), fill out our promotional application today. It's fast, easy, and online. Want to read up on what exactly event marketing and promotional modeling is all about? Read everything about event marketing here.

What Promotional Models and Promo Staff do

OK, sometimes they may not be the most exciting promo jobs you've ever worked. Some programs just require that you distribute samples at local malls, stores, or events in your area. But 99% of the promotional jobs will pay AT LEAST $15 an hour, most pay between $17-$25 an hour and guarantee a minimum of several hours.

There is one guarantee, you won't be doing the same old job day in and day out. You'll get to do an unlimited variety of marketing jobs. Maybe you'll be distributing free samples of new products; maybe you are handing out promotional flyers; or, maybe you are dressed up as a costume character or be a product spokesmodel. The promotional modeling jobs are endless and so are the roles you can play in them. All events you work as a promotional model require one thing: a positive and energetic personality.

Male and Female Spokesmodels

Product Ambassadors and promotional models are the regular but, we often need spokesmodels, too. Auto shows, boat shows, and a variety of convention events need dozens of spokes models during certain times of year. Enter our promo model database and, we'll let you know when we need a promotional spokesmodel, as well.

You always have the option to accept or decline the jobs we offer you when they are available. The online application is a quick and easy process so, fill out our staff profile today.