Showcase: YJ Stinger/Ozzfest 2004

Our Client:Clear Channel
Their Client:NVE Pharmaceuticals
Project:Wet Sampling on a Rock -n- Roll Tour
Staffing Needs:2 Tour Managers, 4 Local Samplers per City
Date(s):July 10th - September 2nd, 2004
Location(s):25 Cities Across the United States
(see Wikipedia: Ozzfest 2004 for complete schedule)

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Promotion Overview:

We've always loved that Ken Kesey metaphor, "You're either on the bus or off the bus." We gave two tour managers the opportunity to live the metaphor for a few months in 2004 promoting NVE Pharmaceuticals's new YJ Stinger Energy Drink line on the epic summer tour, Ozzfest. The managers lived the life of roadies, traveling on a tour bus from city to city, finding a shower and sleep wherever they could. Each show packed tens of thousands of metal fans into the largest sheds across America. Our task was making sure each one of those fans got the chance to try a cold sample of YJ Stinger.

Tour Managers:
We were tasked with putting managers out that not only knew how to run a large wet sampling program, they had to also possess the discipline & self-control to run this program in the middle of constant chaos. Event days often started with a bus call of 4am and did not end until sundown. Set-up consisted of two 10'x10' tents, banners, several large coolers, and pallets loaded with cases of 10oz cans. Getting and keeping those cans cold was a constant battle in the summer heat. Managers kept the sampling staff stocked with cold samples and policed the event footprint as a constant stream of intoxicated concert-goers stopped by to try a free sample.

Sampling Staff:
Our client wanted attractive, energetic staff to draw the consumers attention. Our staff delivered, routinely keeping the sampling area flooded with consumers. Four samplers to serve several thousand people was a tall task, pouring the individual samples made things that much harder. Samples had to be distributed in 3oz cups, can sampling was not allowed. Samplers faced a constant barrage of requests for full cans, multiple samples, and guys asking them to "take a picture with me." Samplers handled even the rowdiest consumers with smiles on their faces and free samples in their hands!

Marketing Results

Samples were distributed to a few hundred thousand consumers in less than two months. YJ Stinger increased brand awareness for their new energy drink line and tied that product to their larger consumer product, Stacker2.

Tour Bus Managers Lived On
Promotional Sampling Tents at the Festival
Wet Sampling in PittsburghTour Manager and Team in San Francisco
Hartford Sampling TeamBeverage Sampling ConsumersFemale Beverage Sampler
 Jones Beach Samplers