Event Marketing Management

Even the best marketing plans fail in the execution phase. Why? Often, it's because of the unexpected challenges that arise on event day. Where do the elements go? Where's the best crowd flow? Are the promotional staff delivering the key messages? How do you fix the display stand that just broke? These are all issues that can hinder or tank your event's success and, they are also all questions an experienced event manager can effectively answer.

Do you need an Event Manager?

The very first question that needs to be asked is, "Do I really need a dedicated event manager?" Often, if you or someone from your company will be on-site at all events, the all-too-simple answer is "No." This answer may make sense budget-wise but, it may also turn out to be a penny-wise/pound-foolish proposition in hindsight. If you have a good deal of background experience in event production and it's a small event, there's a good chance you will be up to the management task. But, you will be faced with the sole responsibility of ensuring the event's success. Do you really plan to spend all your event time overseeing the displays, managing promotional staff, taking recap photos, fixing any problems, etc.,? If you don't hire an event manager, that's exactly what you will be doing.

Managing Expectations

Getting the most out your event management team requires forethought. Program goals need to be established. The data collection and post-event recap items you want need to be identified and those appropriate forms created. What, how, and when your promotional team executes must be set. No event management team can be expected to fix a flawed marketing plan; they can only make the best of what they are given to work with. If you aren't sure you'll need or, even what you might want, we can help you determine your marketing goals & management needs.

The Value of Management

Below are some of the typical roles and services you can rely on an event manager to perform. It's not an exhaustive list and there is no guarantee any one manager can perform all of the tasks below successfully.

  • Scout Possible Event Locations
  • Coordinate Shipments & Services
  • Transport Elements, Equipment, & Vehicles
  • Event Set-up/Tear-down
  • Media Interviews
  • Staff Management
  • Mechanical & Technical Troubleshooting
  • Crowd Control
  • Coordinate Raffles, Tournaments, & Giveaways
  • Manage Data Collection & Retrieval on-site and post-event
  • Take Recap Photos
  • Provide Detail Event Recaps & ROI Data
Lock-down and Lock-in your Event Team

Finding the best Event Manager for the job is not easy. Knowing exactly what you want and expect from your management is a good start, casting a wide net and reaching as many qualified candidates as possible is the real challenge. At Kandu Marketing, we keep an active database of tens of thousands of managers. We have the resources that enable you from start to finish. We will:

  • Work with you to profile the ideal Manager for your Project or Program
  • Solicit applications from all qualified Managers in any city, area, regionally or nationally
  • Screen all Applicants & Interview selected Applicants as directed
  • Perform Background Checks & any additional screening
  • Hire & Train the finalized Management Team
  • Travel, Payroll, & Day-to-Day Administration