We Hire Staff, You Hire Staff, What's the Difference?

Who needs a middleman? If you don't have the right connections to the staffing resources you need, you do. But, that doesn't mean you need that middleman to hang around forever. If you just want us to find the right people for your project or program and, then you'll handle it from there, we can do that.

How our Recruiting Services Work

The process of using our recruiting services is similar to how our standard staffing services work: we get all the particulars of your needs, send out the job alert to all qualified candidates, screen all applicants, and then interview the most qualified candidates. When we find the staff that fit your needs, we'll pass them on to you. Once you have selected the staff you want to hire, we'll pass them off to you. Just be aware, that is where our involvement ends, your company must be prepared to process pay and handle all administration.

Recruiting Management, Promotional Teams, Specialty Staff, and More

Our staff recruiting services cover the range of our staffing services; any type of staff or labor you would contract through us, we can also recruit for you. This includes:

  • Event Managers
  • Promotional Staff
  • Promo Models
  • Costume Characters & Mascots
  • CDL & non-CDL Drivers